Serious pain, left side Mamakye_ Due October 19; 1 child; Australia 919 posts
Mar 20th '13

Hi y'all
Just hoping someone can shed some light on what might be possibly causing a pain in my left side, just at the bottom of my ribs

I've had the pain on and off for a few months. It's usually more of a dull ache and I used to think it was bruising or muscle pain from carrying my daughter.
But then I was unable to carry her for weeks due to an operation and I noticed the pain was still present, so I thought maybe its something else?

Last night the pain was extremely bad. I couldn't move or readjust without serious pain and taking deep breathes is extremely painful. To me the pain doesn't fell like a dull ache today, but more like something is pulsating.

Any ideas Wth this might be?