♥Aimee+4 3 kids; Fort Bragg, North Carolina 35867 posts
Mar 20th '13
Quoting Just Ames:" Anyone has a chance of dying with anesthesia. In fact, that was my biggest concern when my Son had tubes ... [snip!] ... do you want to take that extremely small risk? I guess as a parent you need to look at the benefits and if it's worth the risk."

Totally agree with you! My youngest got tubes at 10 months old. I would have rather her gotten them than risk her possibly losing hearing because of them.

Life is G♡♡d 21 kids; 16468 posts
Mar 20th '13

Thank you everyone, so much for sharing your stories and opinions!
I fear putting him under sedation, but the angst of seeing him suffer and be in pain totally out weighs the small chance of something happening to him because of the sedation.
It breaks my heart seeing him in pain like this.
Plus all the side affects that come from him having to take the antibiotics...he gets diarrhea, and then a damn rash from the diarrhea :/
I'm just ready for him to get better, and get back to being my same sweet, happy boy!

Charlee ♥ Jensen 3 kids; Iowa 56325 posts
Mar 20th '13

I was diagnosed with a dairy and wheat allergy by a homeopathic doctor because of reoccurring ear infections, mom took me of that and I was fine

SueanneLaura Due February 14 (boy); TTC since Jan 2017; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; H, Pa, United States 3140 posts
Mar 20th '13

I was supposed to get tubes when I was younger because I had horrible ear aches all the time. My grandmother claims they took me to a chiropractor and ever since then I have rarely gotten any. I hope this helps.

A, E & W's mommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Bulgaria 18486 posts
Mar 20th '13

My parents were told to wait it out by one doctor so they did for two years before getting a second opinion, by that point I had already suffered partial hearing loss. It's a fine line between waiting to see if it corrects and not waiting so long that the hearing is impaired. Not an easy choice.

Lovin' My Family!!! 2 kids; Pennsylvania 11696 posts
Mar 21st '13

When a child has an ear infection - go to the chiropractor immediately...sometimes it takes away from having to get antibiotics. I have seen it MULTIPLE times a week with kids. I work for a chiropractor. There is usually something out in the neck causing this. So please tell them to go to a chiropractor...a lot of these tubes and antibiotics could be avoided.

pinback 1 child; Wisconsin 855 posts
Mar 21st '13

My son will be 9 months on the 30th and he had his tubes put in when he was 7 months old. The surgery was 20 minutes long and I was out in an hour. He has had one ear infection since, but other than that he's been great! He was getting ear infections literally days after we would stop the antibiotics. It was a nightmare. Good luck!

raptor mommy saves 1 child; Berlin, Germany 811 posts
Mar 21st '13

Okay it might not be the traditional methode but....

- go see a chiropractor or an osteopath
- use ear candles to 'pop' the ear and drain the fluid out
- warm olive/garlic oil (not hot!!) in the ear also makes the eardrum pop and the fluid drain out.
- Onion has anti bacterial properties. Put half a mashed up onion between 2 cotton sheets against his ear, use a hairband to fixate . Alternatively, steam an onion untill it's completely soft. Squeeze the juice out and strain for chunka untill you only have fluid. Put fluid in ear.
- If you are breastfeeding or know anyone who is breastfeeding, fresh breastmilk has anti bacterial, anti fungal, etc etc properties. Put some in his ear.

The main culprit is that the fluid doesn't drain out of the ear.

Also, just a side note with the anti biotics. Sometimes its the only way to deal with an infection BUT do realise that anti biotics kill ALL the bacteria, also the good ones. So your immune system is severely weakened after anti biotics. Making you more prone to get another infection, needing anti biotics again... endless cycle.