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Mar 19th '13

My son is in pre-k and he has 2 teachers, the main teacher and the assistant. They are GREAT with him. I want to get them each a gift at the end of the year but I dont want to go to walmart and get some cheap cheesy gift. Does anyone know a good website i could order something for them off of that isnt to expensive. I don't really want to spend over $30 a piece.

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Mar 19th '13$30-c1348.html

the "link" button won't work for me right now...

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Mar 19th '13

When I was teaching, some of the best gifts I got were to places like book stores, craft stores and even Visa gift cards.

Teachers end up pouring so much of their own money into their classrooms, gifts like this really help.

Also, write each of them a personal letter. Explain why they are so wonderful and how they helped your son. Most teachers have portfolios, and having letters like that from parents in there, is so helpful in job searching in the future.

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Mar 19th '13

I don't know of a website but we have done
( a big gift) pedi certificate, dinner cert. and a book of colored pictures from the parents and children. Both the ea and teacher got one.

I have made them baskets with candy and drink mixes along with a gift card to Starbucks.

We have done gift certificates to teacher stores along wit a loaf of bread and homemade cinnamon butter. ( well semi homemade)

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Mar 19th '13

Thank you all for the ideas! :D

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Mar 19th '13

We get stuff from Yankee candle and bath and body works

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Mar 19th '13