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Mar 19th '13

Indian: Aditya (deity of the sun)

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Mar 19th '13

ACHILLES m Greek Mythology (Latinized)
From the Greek Αχιλλευς (Achilleus) which is of unknown meaning, perhaps derived from Greek αχος (achos) "pain" or else from the name of the Achelous River... [more]
ACHILLEUS m Greek Mythology
Original Greek form of ACHILLES
ADAD m Near Eastern Mythology
Akkadian cognate of HADAD
ADITYA m Indian, Hinduism
Means "belonging to ADITI" in Sanskrit... [more]
ADONIS m Greek Mythology
From the Semitic Adonai, which means "lord"... [more]
ADRASTOS m Greek Mythology
Means "not inclined to run away" in Greek... [more]

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Mar 19th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting ρiηkie ρie:</b>" Greek: Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Aether, Astraeus, Atlas, Algea, Alastor, Agon, Achos. Egyptian: Amun, ... [snip!] ... Aningan, Asgaya, Atira, Awonawilona Celtic: Angus Sumerian: Anu, Aspu, Anshar, That's all I got off the top of my head. "</blockquote>

Alastor is cute!

That would be my pick and it goes well with Liam. :)

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Mar 19th '13

Atreus. He wasn't a god but he was the great grandson of Zeus. If that counts lol.