alva baby and rumparooz fs mommytomel(: 1 child; California 1274 posts
Mar 18th '13

i have 16 alva babys i want to get rid of they just didnt work out for me i just can get a good fit on my baby , i have 6 print , 3 pink , 1 white , 2 blue , 2 green ,1 yellow , 1 purple , they all have 1 microfiber insert , ive only been using them 2 months so they are in excellent shape

i also have 2 newborn rumparooz covers in tulip and amethyst my baby is 14 lbs and still fits them on the largets setting but i just purchased some new ones so i want to get rid of these too they look new as i mostly use pocket diapers these were just back up ,

im asking for 16$ for the rumparooz and 70$ for the alvas pm me if intrested