When should you pack your hospital bag? Whitney 2008 Due July 23; 1 child; Texas 3137 posts
Jun 12th '08

I was just wondering at what week in your pregnancy is it a good idea to pack you hospital bag? Im about to be 32 weeks and I know I still have 8 weeks left but anything can happen right? I just hate to wait and then go into early labor and be caught off guard and have to have my family go back to my house and try to pack a bag for me.

So when did yall pack your bag....or when are you planning on packing your bag?

* what should I pack for the baby? What will I need to pack for me and the hubby? I have no clue what to bring for any of us!*

*L0ViN.J.D.&M* 3 kids; Virginia 5233 posts
Jun 12th '08


mshell 1 child; Manassas, Virginia 15099 posts
Jun 12th '08

still haven't finished packing my bag, i really should can never pack too early, so if you think you should then go for it!

♥ Lucie 2 kids; United Kingdom 278 posts
Jun 12th '08

im 33 weeks on Tuesday and i have packed my babys bag, i have packed her clothes, nappies, baby wipes, cotton wool and a blanket so far lol

*Vanessa♥Mariah* 1 child; Indiana 1653 posts
Jun 12th '08

I packed my bag when I turned 36 weeks but I guess it all depends on the person.

Damian & Marlee 2 kids; Pennsylvania 5915 posts
Jun 12th '08

I just got her a coming home outfit so I will start packing this weekend.... I just don't know what to pack for myself to wear home HOPEFULLY I won't be fitting in my large maternity cloths anymore = )

JOO0420 2 kids; Illinois 86 posts
Jun 12th '08

okay so i am due on the 17th which is in like 5 days, and well i STILL dont have my bag packed. i have the infant car seat in the car, i have the baby's bag ready and the baby book and a really long list of all the things that i need to put in my bag, but i just havnt done it. i am down to virtually no clothing that fits well and i hate to pack my bag and then need something out of it. every day i wake up and swear that i will get it done.............................. maybe today!! :D

homes cool Due July 25; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Indiana 63165 posts
Jun 12th '08

I'm packing mine next week, it'll put me at 35 weeks. This week I'm going through my lists to make sure I don't need to buy any last minute items for the baby, or myself.

Whitney 2008 Due July 23; 1 child; Texas 3137 posts
Jun 12th '08
Quoting Dee-nah:
[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Jun 12th '08

I'm 34 weeks right now, and I'm going to wait until I'm 36 to pack my bag. I've been told by a lot of people that you end up over-packing in the end lol. I'm going to go to the store and get -

Travel size:
Body wash

For me:
Cell phone & charger
Camera & charger
Coming home clothes

For baby:
Coming home outfit
...everyone said that the hospital will provide the rest...

funnymommy_on_#2 2 kids; Iowa 4049 posts
Jun 12th '08

I'm 35 weeks, and I just finished packing mine last night. Well, I'm still waiting on a bathrobe and a nursing bra to come from UPS, but that's about it! I figured I would pack a lot more ( I am a habitual overpacker), but my bag is pretty small. Just the basics for me, and a few things for baby. My husband will probably just come home to change, etc. so he doesn't need much.

Two things to remember - your phone charger and xtra batteries for the camera!

momtofive Due October 11 (girl); 3 kids; North Carolina 154 posts
Jun 12th '08

I have had mine and the babies bag packed for the last month. I would say the last month of your pregnancy. The only thing I need to put in is my toothbrush, hairbrush, stuff like that.

Mer is a Douchebag TTC since Dec 1999; 1 child; Bald Knob, Arkansas 72479 posts
Jun 12th '08

Mike had to come home with my mom after Adison was born to get my stuff...and let me tell you it was NOT pretty!

*Mango Meli* 18 kids; United Kingdom 7046 posts
Jun 12th '08

i packed by week 28 but kept checking i had everything right till my duedate lol =]

Barfy McVomitron Due July 19; 4 kids; Glen Burnie, Maryland 29256 posts
Jun 12th '08

I didnt pack mine until I went into labor, oops!