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Mar 17th '13

I am just disgusted by the sight of my hubby. He has to be the most inconsiderate a*****e I've ever f**king met. Thursday I had my tubes tied, the night before we both sat here and talked for hours about how it was the right thing to do, not only for me medically, but we jusy really don't need anymore kids. I go have my tubal done that afternoon/night he was being phenomenal, helped me with everything. The next day shit just went down hill, he wakes me up to tell me get up because hes going to work a side job with his friends to make a lil extra money. I told him I thought that was ridiculous, we don't need the extra money. He then informs me, literally quoting " do you honestly believe I'm gonna sit around and baby you after a surgery that was YOUR decision to get?" I just sat there and complete disbelief that he would say that. He leaves, strike one. On to yesterday he gets up leaves again calls me later that day, I told him I wasent feeling to hot )/( Jesus christ I have one leg, I walk on a walker, and I just had a surgery that required them to cut my 9 different times because they ran into problems ) he just says " oh tough it up " . Strike 2. I told him last night to please get up with the kids this morning, just so I can get some rest, f**k I havent gotten to rest! Yep didn't happen, he got up and come AMD sit on the couch and just left both of the kids screaming in our room and still has no idea why I'm " bitching so much "....Fml

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Mar 17th '13

Sorry you're going through all that and that he's being so inconsiderate. Do you have friends or family who live close by who could help out while you recover?