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Mar 16th '13
Quoting ♥K:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Jamie & Baby Aria:</b>" Yeah that's how I take hers. At the ... [snip!] ... rooms kadens temp and it said 100, rajanee took it rectally and it said 105. She also doesn't recommend medicating until 102"

OMG. Yeah this was just a random ER dr guy. But I usually take hers rectally just because I've always been told it's more accurate this young. And I haven't really worried about fever in her anyway because she's teething SOO bad (they're actually cutting now :( ) that I've been giving her tylenol for that because nothing else is helping. But I'm going to keep an eye on her temp once I get the thermometer (I always forget it at my mom's :roll: ) but honestly she actually felt cool when I kissed and felt her forehead.

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Mar 16th '13

i was told by both ER dr and my pedi that it;s not emergency room worthy till 105 for a 4 month old. I told them they were smoking crack!