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Mar 16th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting my job sucks-FrntDskClrk:</b>" Hey can you help me with this real quick. ... [snip!] ... When I fill this form out, where in the hell do I send it? I can't find where this would go? "</blockquote>

I'd call Monday and ask. It says where NOT to send I don't see where too send

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Mar 16th '13
Quoting Brink:" <blockquote><b>Quoting my job sucks-FrntDskClrk:</b>" I don't know what that is, but ... [snip!] ... go to coffee, grocery shop, get her nails done, etc. The state will pay for her to have a break. Does he have ABA therapy?"

Nope, nothing.

When he was in high school he had therapy, counseling, and was getting an education. Then he told my mom he didn't want to go and my mom never made him go to school, therapy, or counseling again.

He sits at home ALL DAY, and NEVER leaves the house. I'm not overexaggerating either, he never leaves unless he's checking the mail.

I want to see him doing better and honestly, if my mom needs to be scared into doing it, I don't mind.

I'll call monday to check where to send that.

glowinthedark 2 kids; Norway 29301 posts
Mar 16th '13

There has to be something along the same lines as what my grandmother goes it, she is in a day program (she has Alzheimers) where they do crafts, music, etc and then have specialists come in to help with things like hair washing and podiatrist appointments and all kinds of random helpful stuff. Like most people with Alzheimers my grandmother is terrified of getting in the shower or tub, so this is a HUGE help to my mom. My grandmother lives with my mom, by the way. Mentally she is about 5-6 years old. She goes to her program 5 days a week from 7:30-3:30

Good luck. :(

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Mar 17th '13
Quoting my job sucks-FrntDskClrk:" I need to know if there is a way to find out if my mom put a life insurance policy on my brother. I ... [snip!] ... help my brother. He's slow and when I try to ask him about my mom he gets defensive and mad at me for even suggesting anything."

you can call the adult abuse hotline....kinda like cps but for adults that cant care for themselves