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*J E S S* 4 kids; Finn Rock, OR, United States 887 posts
Mar 16th '13

My first DH ( father of 3 of my children) killed himself during our divorce process. His family blames me and talks horribly about me. :-( I chose to keep my children away from the negative comments..they once told my kids I had killed their dad. So they dont see them at all now. I wish it wasnt this way, but had no choice. My family is very supportive. I am now re married and it made things with ex in laws worse. So in my case the answer is no, not supprtive.

⚓Misty⚓ 4 kids; Keenesburg, Colorado 7276 posts
Mar 16th '13

I don't know if they would support it but I think they would be fairly active in seeing ds. But SOs brother would be supportive & help out with ds if I needed it

Gone 12345.... 2 kids; Houston, Texas 16000 posts
Mar 16th '13

Idk..they don't even speak English so I rarely see them and they aren't close with my kids..I.find it very unfortunate

Momma Rawks 1 child; Iowa 7403 posts
Mar 17th '13

My fiance died by suicide in 2011. His family decided that his death must have been my fault somehow (I should have picked up on the signs, should have been home to stop him, I must have done something to upset him in the first place, etc)

I stopped talking to most of his family, his brother and parents being the only exceptions, but my relationship hasn't been real friendly with them. They treat me poorly to say the least.

My SO and I began dating only a short while after my fiance's death (he happened into my life, and while I wasn't looking for anything, I just knew I couldn't let him pass me by). We have now been together for over a year now, and it was just this week that I mentioned that I am seeing him, to them. They didn't really say much, other than they asked what he does for a living, and then said that as long as he's nice, that's okay.

I cannot imagine having told them any sooner than now as I think they would have gone ballistic. I only mentioned it now because my son talks about him nonstop to them, so I figured it was time. I don't think they like it much, but I think they realize that I could give a f**k less about it, and since my son loves him so much, they'll just have to deal with it. So yes, they "approve", but I think it's hard on them and that if they had it their way, I'd be miserably single for the rest of my life.

user banned 1 child; Nunya, CA, United States 6369 posts
Mar 17th '13

My husband did die and his mother is like my own mother. She totally supports me because she loves me. I am currently in a relationship and she is thrilled for me.

Lara +2 Due August 17; 2 kids; Wasilla, Alaska 7743 posts
Mar 17th '13

I think if brandon died they would just move on. I don't think they would care to see their grandchildren either way

624582 Neilton, Washington 9312 posts
Mar 17th '13

Doubtful. My FIL hates me, thinks I'm not good enough for DH...or thought? My MIL probably would. The rest of them? I doubt they'd even talk to me unless it had to do with DS.

Either way, it's not something that I'd bet on from any of them.

one of each 4 me TTC since Jan 2015; 3 kids; Ohio 6295 posts
Mar 17th '13

we don't have kids together so i doubt i would ever see anyone in his family ever again. we also do not associate with his mom b/c of how she treats husband's dad died while his mom was pregnant with him and my husband's dad's family completely supported her as much as they possibly could.