Strawberry Rita's bud light lime. Julieeuhhh 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Texas 5888 posts
Mar 15th '13

Have you tried it yet? Was it good? I want to try it so bad can't find a place that sells it.

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Mar 15th '13

I haven't tried that one, but I didn't like the lime-a rita. It still tasted waaay too much like beer.

But I would assume if you liked the lime-a-rita you would like that one.

ShockersShufflers 19 kids; Iowa 1501 posts
Apr 6th '13

I can't wait to try it!! I saw it at wahl mart last week and I told SO we need rip get sine when baby gets here (: lol. I liked the lime a Rita . They were just really sweet. These look delicious though (:.