Captain Obvious 2 kids; Havana, Cuba 25634 posts
Mar 16th '13
Quoting ♥Love♥:" Well at least now that you have the outfit you can just get her hair done, thats cheaper than the whole ... [snip!] ... one in particular you would recommend? We were looking at the Living with the Land on in Epcot. Do you always get reservations?"

Aurora was the only dress she was missing LOL Yes I'm bringing her dresses from now's only $59.95 for the hair/makeup/nail polish when you bring your own dress....the big package is $189.95 :shock:

You mean Garden Grill? That's a good one, we ate there on our honeymoon! The restaurant rotates...oh and its served family style not an actual buffet. It's a little bit cheaper than the buffets and I really like the menu. My DH is a big meat eater so I really feel like we get our money's worth there. Especially when my kids were young enough to eat free lol

Jennay. 4 kids; Kansas 5222 posts
Mar 19th '13

her party looked like so much fun! she is such a beautiful little lady! happy belated birthday! :-)