Pushing vs contractions Mandy Schlatterer Due March 27 (girl); 2 kids; New Port Richey, Florida 1842 posts
Mar 14th '13

Which was worse for you?
I got an epidural with my son and the pushing was still way worse than contractions for me
This birth I may skip epi
Is pushing easier with feeling contractions?

taking a look at life Palm beach gardens, FL, United States 49166 posts
Mar 14th '13


A, E & W's mommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Bulgaria 18486 posts
Mar 14th '13

pushing was more motivated while feeling contractions, I don't know about easier though. And yes I found the pushing part easier than the contractions.

A is Me 1 child; South Carolina 3782 posts
Mar 14th '13

Once I got an epi my contractions and pushing were painless. I was numb as hell and the doc still said I was a great pusher, my son was out in less than five minutes.
Before my epi at 7 cm, I was hurting pretty bad.

Viv ♥ 3 kids; ., TX, United States 15559 posts
Mar 14th '13

I thought I was dying, blacked out. It was horrible, 10x worse than my contractions.

What if... 2 kids; Ontario 4587 posts
Mar 14th '13

contractions are more painful IMO

pushing is exhausting though. thankfully my second baby came out on my swecond push haha

user banned 2 kids; Minnesota 7318 posts
Mar 14th '13

Pushing, both times.

I was cool as a cucumber all the way through. The first time, the whole time I was pushing, all I could think was WHY DO PEOPLE SAY PUSHING FEELS LIKE A RELIEF??? THIS IS SO MUCH WORSE!!! Lol.

Second time, I screamed my head off the whole time I was pushing, lol, contractions weren't nearly as bad.

user banned Des Moines, Iowa 1848 posts
Mar 14th '13

Contractions are by far for me much worse. My epidural stopped working about a half hour before I began pushing with my last daughter. Pushing was a breeze, but god those contractions. Feeling the contractions actually made it much more difficult for me to push.

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 8124 posts
Mar 14th '13

I thought pushing was much easier. And it took me 3 hours of pushing to deliver. I cried at 2 and 1/2 hours out of frustration. But I still thought it was easier than the contractions. I could just be a giant baby about contractions though.

Emma+Abby+Logan+Charlotte 4 kids; Oregon 3628 posts
Mar 14th '13

Contractions have always been much worse for me. With my second once I started pushing I actually felt no pain what so ever ! It was great. With the first and third it was a big relief to be pushing ! Yeah it's Intense but knowing it was the end is very motivating to me ! I'm hopeing this next birth follows the pattern and my little girl decides to come quickly like her sister with little pain!

bananas4 Due September 28; Arizona 53 posts
Mar 15th '13

I have not experienced an epidural so contractions towards the end were way worse than pushing. To me, pushing actually felt good because when you have a contraction, that's when you push and since you can feel it, your body kind of takes over. It's hard to NOT push when you feel the urge. I felt like I was in control pushing...I don't remember pain while pushing, just relief.