has your LO had strep? Mommy Loves Tiberius 1 child; New Hampshire 784 posts
Mar 14th '13

hey guys! quick question... has your LO ever had strep? how old were they and did they refuse food at all?

my son turned 1 yesterday and he was at the ER last night because he has strep. hey put him on anti nausea meds and antibiotics. he has had 4 sippy cups of milk but thats it no food at all.
I guess im just looking for re-assurance he will be ok!

and just for smiles..


Mommy of a giggler! 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 9017 posts
Mar 14th '13

My son had it at 10 months. The only way I could get him to take his meds was to mix it in raspberry juice. He only took juice for 2-3 days - everything else (like food) he would scream in pain, and milk was making him gag (coating the p***y parts I think). It was a looonnnnggg few days.