Cold sores and valtrex while pregnant? ashley777 1 child; Lake Bronson, Minnesota 87 posts
Mar 14th '13

I have my baby shower coming up this weekend and of course I wake up and I have a fever blister.. it's swollen and red but I do not see the little blisters yet. I have gotten a prescription for valtrex 500 mg and took one already this is the first time i've ever taken it but I need it gone fast! Is it too late now that it's red and puffy and hurting or will the valtrex stop the blisters from forming? How long does it take valtrex to make your fever blisters go away and have you found anything that have helped them go away pretty fast?

I should add the first time I noticed it was last night it was a little swollen.. and now it's swollen a little more today but no blisters yet

Boobo&bugs 2 kids; Simpsonville, South Carolina 8124 posts
Mar 14th '13

In my experience it clears it up in about a week. It really just made it a little less painful and heal a week faster for me.