yeast smell? RysMum Due August 22 (girl); 17 kids; Illinois 214 posts
Mar 13th '13

everytime after I go bathroom I smell yeast really bad to where I wanna throw up..... could it be my pee smelling or another yeast infection? and the yeast cream my doctor gave me last month broke me out so anything safe to use?

mama1821 Due July 2 (girl); 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 1265 posts
Mar 13th '13

if the cream your dr gave you irritated you, i would call dr back and try something else. remember that the cream is absorbed into your blood so i would not just try anything otc yet. i would consult with doc. good luck.

Cat Abbott 2 kids; British Columbia 1389 posts
Mar 13th '13

Probiotics. Take a bunch orally, and mix some probiotic powder with some plain yogurt and use it on your labia and internally. Completely safe and won't damage your skin. And go see your doctor.