Maxwell is such a sweet boy InkDMomma 35 kids; Clinton Township, Michigan 27418 posts
Mar 12th '13

SO Maxwell got in trouble yesterday, I think it has to do with his teacher leaving a new one coming in.... but regardless...
He wasn't listening, refused to take his coat off, threw a fit about circle time, and would not help clean up in his classroom.

He came home and got an ear full from me about behaving in school and why it's wrong to act like that. Then he got his video games taken away for the day.

I picked him up from school today and he ran out to me and smiled SO big and said
" I did it mommy! I was a good boy today! I did everything I was told!"

His teacher came up to me and said he apologized for his behavior yesterday and did everything today without hesitation.

Just made me feel proud that he turned his attitude around so quickly and even apologized without me asking him to. :D

Smash Fins ; 2 kids; Denver, Colorado 1479 posts
Mar 13th '13

Aweeeee that's so good!