PurpleBama582 52 kids; Dothan, Alabama 3875 posts
Mar 12th '13
Quoting mrssenorita:" but i do visit his office sometimes and meet his staff , I knew his staff as we had been to newyork an dother places too for my husband's office party"

An office party, for the employees, is completely different than a baby shower. So you have met his staff. Still doesn't make it appropriate for him to invite them to his home like that.

mrssenorita TTC since Jul 2012; California 569 posts
Mar 12th '13

anyway thanks ladies!! i am sure we will have nice time on that day. people think and see in a different way, i dont care...

Elle With FOUR! 4 kids; Wichita, KS, United States 18964 posts
Mar 12th '13

Seriously, why even bother asking for advice if you plan on completely ignoring it?

Fwank Rizzo Japan 2 posts
Mar 13th '13

We actually had a friend that used colored fortune cookies for their baby shower with a custom message. They let the company know the gender of the baby and then for the big reveal at the was a boy so blue fortune cookies! What a great idea.