Munchkin Maker 2 kids; Maryland 733 posts
Mar 12th '13
Quoting ~*December*~:" Yea it makes sense to wait until after you have the baby so you can be more focused on what you're ... [snip!] ... 4 years of abuse. thanks for the advice, it was nice to connect with someone that had an idea of what I was talking about lol"

No problem! (: It is nice finding someone who's been through the same thing. It's a tough thing to feel alone on.

Kay Peezy 3 kids; Maryland 2079 posts
Mar 12th '13
Quoting ~*December*~:" Short Blurp on me: I'm in the middle of getting divorced from a very abusive man that is also my 2 DD's ... [snip!] ... I break it off with him until I get myself in the right mind to have a trusting relationship? I'm really confused right now. "

If you have trust issues, you should really take some time off from dating and just focus on yourself and healing for a little while. Jumping right into another relationship doesn't sound healthy, in my opinion. :)