infertility mamas merlo +3 3 kids; Campton Hills, Illinois 1242 posts
Mar 11th '13

im writting because i am concerned about my brother and sister n law. they've been ttc for 7 years. This was their first round of IVF and it was unsuccessful. I am so heartbroken for them. does anyone with personal experience know an unannoying & unoffensive way I can send them flowers, card, prayers? i dont know what to say and I want them to know I love them & support them!

please help

Squid Kid Unavailable, NA, United States 32450 posts
Mar 11th '13

If you send them something, do not send it with a direct "because of your infertility"

Especially because you are pregnant and they probably have some resentment.

If you want to help them feel better, send them movie tickets, a dinner gift card, chocolates, flowers.. with no meaning or anything. No discription. Or send them a card that says "Thinking of you" or "i'm here for you" agian, without being specific as to why.

Amelia [a Mom] 1 child; 4 angel babies; Tallahassee, Florida 18492 posts
Mar 11th '13

You could send them some flowers or a card letting them know you're thinking of/praying for them and that's enough to let them know you're there to support them. Try to avoid making suggestions, especially things like suggesting adoption, saying this is a part of God's plan, that you KNOW it will happen for them one day. Just let them know you're there and you're pulling for them.

Tweakrachie 84 kids; Australia 846 posts
Mar 11th '13

Maybe you could get them a sybolic type of present or gift
not sure but more or a gesture don't send flowers or a card

merlo +3 3 kids; Campton Hills, Illinois 1242 posts
Mar 13th '13

thank you ladies. :)