GirlsHaveCOOTIES 4 kids; Bonnyville, AB, Canada 15354 posts
Mar 11th '13
Quoting *Mary Moon*:" Ugh. You guys are lucky! DS is 14 months old and always wakes up crying. I wonder if its because he has ... [snip!] ... in his window. So it's either bright room at night, or dark room in the morning. I think the dark scares him when he wakes up."

We had to black out my sons room or he won't sleep.. He loves the dark.
The tiniest light in there and he will wake up freaking out.

Some kids just don't want to lay in bed, My oldest never has. My youngest started doing that before he was 12 months.

mama erica. Due April 15; 2 kids; New York 60648 posts
Mar 11th '13

We do the same thing :) we only rush if she is crying, she often likes to chill for a few minutes in there which is fab because M needs to a few minutes to open his eyes :lol:

drunk faith1 1 child; Alabama 10081 posts
Mar 11th '13
Quoting Mayhem.:" She just bounces up and down and talks to her toys. Who am I to rob her of that joy? I'd be robbing both of us of our quiet time :lol:"

Haha. I bet it's cute, too.