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Mar 10th '13


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Mar 10th '13

Sorry you feel that way. I've been head over heels for a guy who treated me bad. My oldest son's bio dad - my oldest son is almost 12 and that dead beat has done shit for him his whole life. Its sad really. My oldest son has tried to call him & it never works. When I left him, I changed my attitude. I decided f*** it. I picked myself up, dusted myself off and decided I was gonna live life. I went out, talked to people, made myself smile on days I didn't want to and eventually I got over him. I'm glad I did. I'm happily married now - I don't have to censor myself the way I did with loser boy and my husband takes care of my son and our kids... he doesn't treat my son any different and they are really close - granted he has been around since my son was 5 but still. I'm lucky. Now I'm not saying things will change over night. I went through a deep depression. Even tried to kill myself, but luckily I didn't succeed with that. Just keep pushing forward whether you feel like it or not. If you need to chat. Send me a pm.

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Mar 10th '13

Thank you. I appreciate that so much! I'll definitely pm you.