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Mar 10th '13

When we woke up on March 9, I announced that I was definitely not making breakfast so daddy should take the kids to go get donuts while I took a shower. At about 7:45, in the shower, I had my first two contractions. They were real ones! I got out and they kept coming, though not regularly. If I sat down they spaced out. I told my husband I thought I was in labor and to go get orange juice for smoothies. He left and I went about my business readying the house, pausing for contractions.
Meanwhile my mom, grandma and sister in law were on their way to throw me a surprise baby shower! I knew they were coming but I was just expecting to go get pedicures and eat at a fancy restaurant. I texted my mom to let her know that Noah was planning to attend the party.
About 10:30 I texted my midwife, she seemed more sure about it than I was! I wanted her to wait to come but she felt I could go quickly since this was my 3rd baby. So I compromised and told her to come at noon.
Around 11:30 is when it started getting intense, we were trying to set up the pool and the kids were being crazy. I lay down on the bed trying to slow down contractions until the pool got set up. About 12:30 the birth team arrived (including my doula, who was the midwife

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Mar 10th '13

Aww amazing and congrats!

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Mar 10th '13

Oh he is perfect, your story is perfect. Enjoy your babymoon :)

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Mar 10th '13

That was not boring at all :) I am so glad that everything went so smoothly! And quickly! Congrats again :)

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Mar 10th '13

Thanks everyone :)