So I made cupcakes.. .:Mini.Me:. 1 child; Arizona 406 posts
Mar 9th '13

And they weren't chocolately enough!!!!!! But they'll do the job for now..
128_zps0b43511d.jpgI never used to eat chocolate before I had my daughter, but I'm in love with it now >.< *sigh*

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Mar 9th '13

Yummy! Are you PMSing? :D

.:Mini.Me:. 1 child; Arizona 406 posts
Mar 9th '13
Quoting Squeaky McGee [19 wks]:" Yummy! Are you PMSing? :D"

How'd you guess!? Haha, it's been a weird cycle this week o.O but every time I pms I always have to make something involving chocolate