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Mar 9th '13
Quoting Devil Duckie:" You really shouldn't be naming your child after dead people. This child deserves its own name, own ... [snip!] ... to carry on the illiterate tradition. The name is spelled C.A.R.L.Y anything other than that is wrong and shouldn't be used. "

OP I think Dylan is lovely.

Many people with their own identities are named for the deceased . If people are passing on their baggage regarding a deceased person on to a baby or child, well that's on them.

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Mar 10th '13
Quoting brianna & lil bubba!:" (i dont know if its a boy or girl yet) ive settled on a boy name..i think..finally! lol dillon ... [snip!] ... its after that. girl name will be carleigh marie! (my son picked it!) also do they go with the names zachary and carter?"

Dylan Matthew spelled this way is nice. Carleigh Marie is yuck. Carly spelled this way would be MUCH better.

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Mar 10th '13

ive been thinking of another girl name because carter and carly/carleigh are too alike. im just not sure what name to go with lol