Jump Start Ovulation BlueEyes30 2 kids; Minnesota 118 posts
Mar 8th '13

Ever since my chemical, i've been having A LOT of issues with my cycle and my body - I spot randomly, my periods come every 20 day's or so, sex was sort of painful, etc. Well I went to my OB and he thinks my problem is I'm not ovulating which he thinks is mostly caused by stress (I also had a yeast infection that even spread to my skin which he said was most likely stress induced). He didn't want to start fertility drugs right away, he wants me to try reducing my stress, getting more sun, excercising, etc. for a couple months. He tested all my levels which I guess where fine and I'm still waiting on my ultrasounds results.

I'm wondering if anyone has any other ways to get my body moving, I'm getting sooooo frusterated and it's just making it worse. I'm to the point where it's not even about not getting pregnant, I just want to feel normal. Has anyone ever gone through this?

Also, if things don't go back to normal and fertility drugs are the last option, what does that all include?