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Another for a friend user banned
Mar 8th '13

Axel James or Abel James? AJ as a nickname.

Little Bit's Momma Due October 21 (boy); 33 kids; North Richland Hills, Texas 7479 posts
Mar 8th '13

I love Axel <3 I wanted that for a boy if we have one but hubs says no =[

Moose's Mama 18 kids; Moose, Wyoming 11443 posts
Mar 8th '13

clicked wrong one >.< but I love Axel, it's DS's middle name

Honey&E 6 kids; Connecticut 3752 posts
Mar 9th '13

I LOVE Abel. I'd consider it but it is a little short for our last name. I had a 3rd grade student with that name a few years ago, he was a handful but so handsome. I think "Axel" is trying a little to hard to be cool - I'm certainly not cool enough for a name like that.

Back to Noob Status Ohio 14048 posts
Mar 10th '13

Axel James is much more interesting, imo.