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Mar 7th '13

Alllll gonnnne

user banned 33 kids; British Columbia 2986 posts
Mar 7th '13

cute, you look like your mom :)

Ivana, VBA2C success! 3 kids; Aurora, Colorado 6834 posts
Mar 7th '13

you look just like your mom!! What nice pics!! :)

MontanaMadness 2 kids; Small Town, MT, United States 4536 posts
Mar 7th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mel_brown:</b>" my mom sent me a photo album full of pictures from when she was a little girl. All of them were so cute.It's ... [snip!] ... and Step-grandfather. My yaya's father was native american.. Then one of me i found.. lol Thanks for looking.. :)"</blockquote>

I love your pictures all pretty ladies. You have quite the mix going on. :) awesome. I am irish and some native american. Dh is black and some native. Our dd is all of the above. We call her halfrican american :) hope you are doing well.