Oya. 81 kids; Hollywood, Florida 25195 posts
Mar 7th '13
Quoting -Kaysay-:" My sister is due any moment, and I'm her unofficial doula. I've read, researched, and prepared myself ... [snip!] ... on the emotional aspect. If you had a natural birth, what are some words/gestures that comforted you the most? Tia."

remind her how strong she is , how good she is doing and stuff

beandis 34 kids; sparta, wi, United States 6997 posts
Mar 7th '13

I did both of mine natural. My first wasn't exactly as expected as I went early, long story "doula" was my dog. For my second my husband was there and it wasn't really him saying anything other than when I specifically asked him something..."do I totally look like hell" " no you look great, you're doing a great job" "why the hell does this have to hurt so damn much" "you've got it, you've survived worse" that kind of stuff and just overall beig there. If I didn't like something he stopped, if I needed something I'd ask or he would just do it.just be keen to her needs and you'll be fine.