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Mar 7th '13

My dd just turned one and frankly thanks to my husband spoiling her and I not fighting it any longer she sleeps with us and I want her to sleep in her own bed. How an I help her to learn not only to fall asleep on her own but to sleep in her own bed? I have tried the cry it out method and frankly it doesn't work for her. I give her a bath at night with the lavender bath stuff to help her calm down and sleep, and I read her stories sometimes and have tried music, but she just cries and cries. Crying it out doesn't work for her AT ALL! If it isn't her older sister or father picking her up to make her stop it is trying it for over an hour of gradually increasing her time by herself between checking and soothing, suggestions?

P3RvYmCp3rv 2 kids; Carlyle, Illinois 11905 posts
Mar 7th '13

Start with naps if possible. STart off with yall sleeping in there with her.

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Mar 7th '13

You can do the slow removal method. Put her in her bed and sit next to it. Comfort her, pat her butt, shh her, and each night move farther and farther away. You can start implementing things, like music, while she is still in your bed. Turn on a cd or whatever when you are putting her to sleep in your bed. After a week or two of doing this she will learn this music means bed time. Then try moving her to her room and comforting her in her crib while the music is playing.

You can check out the No cry sleep solution if you want a non CIO method.