Miscarriage question- ♥Vanessa♥ 2 kids; Modesto, California 4574 posts
Mar 6th '13

I'm sorry if this is too personal and I totally understand if you don't care to go into detail... but I keep going crazy searching for answers.

When you had a miscarriage, how did it happen? I started spotting on Wednesday. Went to the er Thursday (checked my levels) initial ultrasounds showed no baby in the uterus but my levels were close to 5000. Went back on Saturday and my levels were down by about two so they sent me home to miscarry.

It's now been an entire week of bleeding, but no clots or anything like I have read about (agonizing pain, a lot of blood)

This is my first miscarriage, so I am not certain if this is normal or not. Or if I may need to get a d&c done. Any info/advice would be great.

*Audree* 18 kids; Asotin, Washington 2345 posts
Mar 6th '13

i had a small quarter size of blood one day so i went to the hospital. they did an ultrasound (too early to tell much of anything) and a titer, and followed up two days later. levels still went up. had an ultrasound the following week, and no heartbeat. a week later i had another ultrasound to verify baby had stopped growing. two weeks later, after no bleeding or cramping whatsoever, i opted to have a d&c because apparently i wasnt going to be passing it on my own.

3.14159265359 1 child; Traverse City, Michigan 822 posts
Mar 6th '13

Sorry for your loss :( I had 1 January 3rd 2012. Like yours mine was also a missed miscarriage. I refused the d&c and waited 4 long weeks for the bleeding to start. When it did OMG! I was in so much pain I was rolling around on my bathroom floor, my husband was terrified, I was pouring blood and losing quite large clots. This went on and off for 3 days before I had a massive hemorrhage and was rushed to the hospital where I ended up getting a d&c while I was conscience... It was a horrific experience, I felt and saw everything. I wish looking back I had just had a planned d&c and spared myself and husband the horror and pain of it all.

user banned 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 75866 posts
Mar 6th '13

I'm sorry. :(

I've had 3 of them, and each one was different. The first one was at 6 weeks. I bled for a week and passed huge clots, but it was painless (physically). The second one at 11 weeks was horribly painful. It felt like labor. I'd never seen so much blood in my life and the clots were huge. The third one at 6 weeks was just like a period. I never needed a D&C for any of them. You'll want to follow up with your OB. Again, I'm sorry. I know how much it sucks.

mama1821 Due July 2 (girl); 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 1265 posts
Mar 6th '13

when I had my miscarriage at 6 weeks last august, i bled lightly for 2 days then stopped. no cramps nothing. then the following month, i had the worst period of my life. i thought i was dying. everyone can miscarry differently especially if its real early on.

Van West Auckland, NZ, New Zealand 3298 posts
Mar 6th '13

I'm sorry for your loss. I had a missed miscarriage last year. I went for an ultrasound when I was in my 12th week and found out the baby had passed (that ultrasound showed the baby measured 9w2d but the sac was measuring properly). My doctor took blood and I went for a follow up ultrasound the next day and back to my doctor to have more blood taken. The second ultrasound confirmed it and the blood tests showed my hcg levels were dropping. I started bleeding the night of the second ultrasound. It was fairly light and I had a little bit of cramping for a couple of days.

My doctor told me it would be like a heavy period and I wouldn't need a d&c. The night that I would have been 13 weeks I started having contractions that got worse and closer together. It got so bad I ended up going to the hospital and passing everything there. I bled very heavily for a few hours afterwards but it slowed down to like a normal period by the time I left the hospital. I had some retained tissue that the hospital wanted to do a d&c for but my doctor told me I could wait and see if it passed with my next period, which it did.

E☮M♥M♫A Due February 26; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Cleveland, Tennessee 2643 posts
Mar 7th '13

Sorry for your loss momma :(

I went in for confirmation of pregnancy after I got a bfp at home and the next day I started spotting. I was a little concerned, but I knew it can happen after getting an internal exam (which she did). The next day it started getting darker, like a period and I had minor cramping and back aches. Called and made an appt or the next day and they did an ultrasound and couldn't see anything. They told me it was a "threatened miscarriage" and took blood. We went on vacation and they called and confirmed it as a miscarriage.