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Mar 6th '13

Okay here it goes!! I went in sunday night at 8 p.m for my inducing the next day at 6 a.m. They gave me a pill to help thin my cervix at 10 p.m and a sleeping pill and that was it plus my antibiotics for GBS. They had decided to induce me then due to pre E. I started contracting on my own without pitocin at 6:02 a.m and they were about 8 to 4 min apart and i was handling them well. I had trouble with the examination and when my dr broke my water so my dr recommended i got an epidural. I really wanted to labor all on my own and without the epidural. My mother was also against me getting it because she wanted me to really know what it was like to have a baby. My nurse hadn't even verified that i was going to get eit and was trying to start prepping me for it. So I got kinda upset and explained to her that i wanted to talk to my mom about it. By then i was in tears because the contractions were coming steady and strong. So i agreed on the epidural finally. I told them i was scared about not feeling my legs and they understood. I was able to feel them after getting it slightly and some of the contractions which i was happy about. I got really sleepy from all the medicine and napped through it. Time went by and I waited and waited. Well the last time the day nurse checked was at 6 30 p.m and i was at a 9 cm. She said it would probably be an hour or so before I dilated fully. My mom said yea right. 20 min went by and I felt the need to push and told my mom. She went and got the day nurse and she said they were switching shifts so i needed to wait. I was holding off as long as i could and then i told my mom again she needed to tell them it couldn't wait. Finally my night nurse showed up and had me start pushing while they prepped the room really fast. I pushed for about an hour when my dr said she was finally coming out. She ended up getting stuck and the nurse had to get on top of me to help push her out. I started having asthma attacks while pushing. Finally her head was out and then her right shoulder got stuck and the dr was yelling at the nurse to push on my stomach again. When she came out she wasn't breathing at all. The dr worked fast and finally she started breathing but wasnt crying. I was very out of it and all i knew that was going on is they wouldn't let me hold her and she wasn't crying. When the emergency ped got her crying i started crying too and wanted to hold her so bad. We are home today and she is doing great. I laborer for almost 14 hrs and have a 2nd degree tear but an amazing gift. i am not sure how to post pics but here is some links to mine and my fiancees FB so you can see (: