teething Shelby Chappell Due November 29 (girl); 1 child; Alberta 1575 posts
Mar 6th '13

My LO is teething and he is starting to get really grumpy with it. Are there any tips and tricks to help comfort him? We have teething rings, baby tylanol and baby orajel. Im just wondering if there are any other things we can do to ease his pain from teething?

user banned Logan, Utah 3594 posts
Mar 6th '13

i use baltic amber teething necklaces and hazelwood.....and occasionally a frozen pancake to suck on

nendhsiwjru 6 kids; Denver, Co, United States 37137 posts
Mar 6th '13

I would stop using the baby orajel, and think about geetting some Hyland's teething tablets.