someone please help! Baby Ryan's Mommy! 17 kids; Shelton, Connecticut 41 posts
Mar 5th '13

im 40 weeks 2days i had an internal exam today at 10 am im 90% soft 1 cm dilated im having sharp non stop pain on my left side almost to my pubic bone but not at all on the right for about a half hour now could this be labor? also changing position walk standing or lying down doesnt ease the pain

Sarah Beth Cline 2 kids; Missouri 246 posts
Mar 5th '13

Contractions are usually intervals and stomach tightening. Good luck!

Nana2four 3 kids; North Carolina 3 posts
Mar 5th '13

Sounds like it could be gas pains.

Jovi Medina 3 kids; San Antonio, Texas 11 posts
Mar 6th '13

Pain in your left side is usually related to the colon, or you know possibly gas. Hope you feel better!