its been a few so here is an update about me and baby. Cj Larck 19 kids; Mansfield, Ohio 35 posts
Mar 5th '13

Had an appointment yesterday to determin if i would be admitted to hospital or not. (Im 28 weeks as of today). Well they went ahead and admitted me to OSU. Things are not looking good for the baby. It only weighs 9oz and it has some fluid around its heart. The called in a cardiologist to to an echocardiograph on the baby and they didnt like the findings. So they have me scedualed for and amniocentesis this morning at 9. The docs are thinking that with everything going on with the baby and stuff. They think it has an extra set of DNA. Or some other chromosonal abnormality like that. I had a maternal 21 test done at 21the weeks to rule all that out and the results came back negative. So the amniocentesis should give them the same or better answer. Either way you look at it. I have just 12 weeks to go and it is looking alot like I wont get to bring my sweet bundle of joy home with me..... trying to stay strong the best I can.

Melissa Juel Due June 21 (boy); 1 child; Glenside, Pennsylvania 135 posts
Mar 5th '13

I found out my son has a heart defect and they are sending me to chop and I am delivering down there... I know it's very scary to be a mom finding out what is wrong with your child.. I am praying for you... I know how your feeling keep your head up...

LoveMyBubbaBoy Due October 4; 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Michigan 3214 posts
Mar 5th '13

Praying for you and your lo...

XxChowderW/MayoOnTheSidex Due July 8 (girl); 1 child; Delaware 1469 posts
Mar 5th '13

praying for you and your LO. Hope everything goes as planned