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Mar 5th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting *~AngelEyes~*:</b>" Yeah, I've heard stories. My grandpa was on some sleep pill, idr if it was ambien or something else, but it make him talk oyt of his mind. Like, he told my mammals onr day to get him out of the cage."</blockquote>

My ex took it when I was staying with him. We put a lock inside his bedroom,and I kept the key in my sock because he was leaving at night. One night in the dead of winter in New England, he came back without his coat!!

My concern would be not realizing you we're pregnant and doing something you wouldn't normally do.

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Mar 5th '13

As long as you have someone to keep an eye on you, you should be fine. I was terrified to take it after reading all the stories and hearing people tell me the crazy things they did but it just makes me say weird things right before I fall asleep. And you're not supposed to take it and stay up, I think that's what happens with most of these stories. Because if I don't take it when I'm in bed, I can stay awake but I will say things that I don't remember saying the next morning.