First period after D&C? ~Jekka~ Due April 24; TTC since Oct 2012; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Australia 9542 posts
Mar 4th '13

What was your first period like after you D&C?
I was under the impression that the first one was meant to be really light, and not last very long. I've always been very regular, so I'm not used to all this unpredictable stuff. I had a D&C on the 6th of February. bled lightly for 2 days, then had spotting for another 3 days. Then it was all good. But now I am on day 8 with AF, and it doesn't look like it's easing up any time soon. The first 4 days was super light, but then it got heavier and darker. It's not super heavy or anything. But it is dark.... I assumed it would have gotten lighter, and then gone away quickly. Ugh, it's driving me insane. The whole reason I had the D&C was to get everything back to normal, and regular again. How long will it take to go back to normal??

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Mar 4th '13

With my surgical abortion in 2009, my period returned about 7 weeks after and it was normal.
With my D&C in 2011, my period returned about 4 - 5 weeks after and was also normal.
I would ask your OB about it just to be safe, but as long as you aren't rapidly filling an entire pad and you're not having any feaver, I think it's normal.
Best of luck.