Sex. Me+ (3) 3 kids; Lima, OH, United States 2355 posts
Mar 4th '13

Now before anyone says anything.. I know your supposed to wait 6 weeks after birth to have sex, I know all the reasons why.. etc.

I just want to know how long YOU wait to have sex?
Did you have stitches, rip, anything?
Did you wait until the bleeding stopped?

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
Mar 4th '13

I waited the full 6 weeks. No tear, no stitches.

~ Mommerz ~ 17 kids; Cockburn Town, Turks and Caicos Islands 4429 posts
Mar 4th '13

4 weeks... I had seen my doc and all...
No tearing or stiches, but my daughter was stillborn at 24 weeks 1/21/13

Jays*Mama 2 kids; Michigan 5689 posts
Mar 4th '13

With my first i waited one day before the 6 week mark. With my second i only waited like about 4 weeks. I tore with both, had stitches with both..But my second one wasnt as bad and i had less stitches, it healed alot faster. Sex in general hurt for months after my first. With my second the sex didnt hurt at all after.

user banned Vancouver, British Columbia 5643 posts
Mar 4th '13

They tell you to wait because of the risk of infections.
I tore and had stitches and I had sex by 2 1/2-3 weeks.

Angela Nichols 2 kids; California 464 posts
Mar 4th '13

i had c-sectoins. 5 weeks with first and 3 with my second

Blair B Due January 25; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Pennsylvania 3225 posts
Mar 4th '13

I tore and had an episiotomy and had stitches I waited like 3 months

Mommy to 3 boys & 1 girl 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Sidney, Ohio 7778 posts
Mar 4th '13

1st - tried at 6 weeks it freaking hurt, waited again until 10 weeks. I was cut and had 3 stitches.
2nd - 4 weeks, and I wasnt cut or torn.
3rd - 10 days, I got my sex drive back full force
4th kid - 11 days, it was the longest we went without sex and just couldnt take it anymore.

Cindy[+2]♥ TTC since Jul 2014; 1 child; Kentucky 11307 posts
Mar 4th '13

I had sex 2 weeks after giving birth. I had one stitch, but only because i had to be cut in order to push her out... It didn't hurt too bad, just went very slow .

CandiceLeeAnn 2 kids; Nova Scotia 500 posts
Mar 4th '13

5 weeks both times, tore and had stitches with both as well. I had no pain during sex either, but we took it slow and easy. The Dr told me as long as we were being careful and I wasn't in pain it was okay.

Me+ (3) 3 kids; Lima, OH, United States 2355 posts
Mar 4th '13

My doctor gave the OK to have sex at 4 weeks PP.
I didn't have any stitches, tearing or anything.

I'm currently 2.5 weeks PP.
and I don't plan sex anytime soon.. I waited exactly 6 weeks with my first and it hurt for months afterwards.

jen black 2 kids; California 3027 posts
Mar 4th '13

I waited 8 weeks. I had 9 stitches that were all torn open by one week after I got them. It was so damn painful! Lol

armymommyof3 4 kids; Texas 276 posts
Mar 4th '13

Baby#1 i tore and had stitches we waited 10weeks(poor hubby)
Baby#2 no tares no stitches.5 1/2 weeks

~Jekka~ Due April 24; TTC since Oct 2012; 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Australia 9542 posts
Mar 4th '13

It was 7 weeks with my first, 6 with my second. I bled for 6 weeks straight with both, so I waiting until the bleeding stopped. No stitches.

NothingToSeeHere. 1 child; Wonderland, US, United States 5717 posts
Mar 4th '13

I had a c-section and waited 3 weeks. I stopped bleeding at 2 weeks PP.