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Mar 3rd '13

My periods are irregular, always have been except when I was on the pill. We've been TTC for so long I basically gave up hope of anything ever happening. But I still watch the app on my phone that 'predicts' when my next period and ovulation is to come. Today is 65 days since the last period and it's saying that I should have gotten my period 15 days ago. I'm trying not to freak out, but it's so hard not to.

A week ago I was feeling just off and really really bloated. I took a test just because I kept thinking that quote that 'God works in mysterious ways' even though I'm not really religious. I ended up having a bowel obstruction. When my body was done throwing up and shitting everything out and then resting up, I starting spotting. Not even enough to fill a tampon and it lasted three days. I have no idea if I should take that is my period, or ovulation spotting, or implantation spotting, or just a strange reaction from my bowel obstruction.

What could that be? I'm still really bloated, but I haven't noticed any other irregularities in the past couple days.