her vagina hurts Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
Mar 3rd '13

My 4 year old has told me 3 times in the past month that her vagina hurts. The first 2 times is was right after she went to the bathroom and I asked her if it was hurting while she pees and she said no that it hurt after. I figured she was wiping to roughly. She didn't complain again til a few weeks later (today) and it was right after her and I showered. She uses a loofa to clean herself and she isn't ver delicate with cleaning her privates. Same with drying them o it could be that she was too rough. She says it feels like something is poking her. Should I take her to see her doctor?

user banned 2 kids; Silly, Belgium 6539 posts
Mar 3rd '13

I would. Could be a UTI or yeast infection or something else.

~mama~ 4 kids; Susanville, CA, United States 1556 posts
Mar 3rd '13

Maybe you could just try to talk to her about being a little more careful with it? If it happens again after that I would take her in.

lacTAYtor. ☮ 3 kids; North Carolina 4500 posts
Mar 3rd '13

I personally would. I mean, it could just be that she's too rough, but ya never know with something like that. Better safe than sorry.

Andi+Andy=Marley+1 2 kids; Fredericksburg, Virginia 4564 posts
Mar 3rd '13

Thanks ladies. I will make an appointment for her just incase

[JadeLee] 1 child; Minnesota 12190 posts
Mar 3rd '13

Have you looked at it when she said that?

Is it visibly red? Any discharge?