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lovinthem04 Due June 26 (boy); 19 kids; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 1999 posts
Mar 3rd '13

16 years pregnant at 15

Inglebert Humperdink 3 kids; New Jersey 121 posts
Mar 3rd '13

he was born the morning of my 17th birthday

Meg and Nora's Mommy 2 kids; Bridgewater, Massachusetts 3916 posts
Mar 3rd '13 i just feel old

TheNuge 1 child; Pennsylvania 23152 posts
Mar 3rd '13
Quoting Meg and Nora's Mommy:" i just feel old"

lol. Dont worry.
BG doesnt reflect typical life.

delightfully mad Slut, Sweden 146 posts
Mar 3rd '13
Quoting TheNuge:" lol. Dont worry. FORTYTHREE! BG doesnt reflect typical life."

I've wondered about that lurking here for the last few months.

Other sites seem to attract older crowds? I wonder why. I was on BabyCenter for a while and never felt old there, but here I definitely do.

Noelles Mama Due November 29; 17 kids; Arizona 2434 posts
Mar 3rd '13

23 years old

MyPurrrtyBabies 3 kids; Dothan, AL, United States 8386 posts
Mar 3rd '13

Got pregnant at 15, had her a month before I turned 16.

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
Mar 4th '13
Quoting Lady GooGoo
♥Simply Whitney♥ Due May 10 (girl); 1 child; Australia 952 posts
Mar 4th '13
Quoting Ryloonjimama:" I turned 19 on the 24th of Nov & he was born the 28th of Nov."

My birthday is 24th of Nov too! :) DS was born 20th of Nov!

Cakes. 1 child; Michigan 2837 posts
Mar 4th '13

I was 20. About 3 weeks before my 21st birthday.

lilmzzgreeneyez *NMOA* 21 kids; Sherwood, Arkansas 17987 posts
Mar 4th '13
Quoting Vivian [♥]:" that would suck so bad.. sorry, lol.. I just would not want that for me :P"

doesnt work for everybody lol

lilmzzgreeneyez *NMOA* 21 kids; Sherwood, Arkansas 17987 posts
Mar 4th '13
Quoting Quark:" Hey, I'm 32 with 7 and not a single gray or bald patch to be found. Not as much can be said for my mental ... [snip!] ... be said for my mental state, but physically I'm doing pretty darn good, for anyone, let alone for a mom of a bunch of girls!"

lol! still i never know. and my mental state is pretty good. i mean maybe there are those days i wanna hide in a closet for a while BUT for the most part im pretty good in general LOL

Rafael's Mommy ♥ Texas 764 posts
Mar 4th '13

I was fourteen.

Katie[ღ]Siℓas 17 kids; Grand Haven, Michigan 2071 posts
Mar 4th '13


Ctrl + Alt + Del 2 kids; New York 38 posts
Mar 4th '13

24. I was an old fart compared to others, by the looks of it!