I am at a loss... MommaOfTwoLovies 2 kids; Massachusetts 7587 posts
Mar 2nd '13

when it comes to this discipline thing.... DS never really hit me or was aggressive toward me till I started becoming more consistent with his timeouts.

For example: He wanted to stay up past his bed time but I am being more consistent with his bedtime as well. He wanted to watch a movie his dad was watching so he was testing me and kept getting up out of bed. I put him in timeout, he got up, put him back, he got up, put him back ,he got up, tried to put him back and he kicked me and tried to hit me, put him back, he picked up a toy and threw it toward me. I finally just told him to go to bed and decided to tell him to go straight to bed and I told myself that I would just keep bringing him back to bed. I put him in bed and told him that he lost TV for the first half of the day tomorrow because he absolutely does not have the right to hit, kick, or throw things at me. He is finally asleep.. I am at a loss... am I doing something wrong? Will this get better?!


MommaOfTwoLovies 2 kids; Massachusetts 7587 posts
Mar 2nd '13

hes 4 btw.......

Man in stockings Due November 18 (boy); 1 child; Southern, IL, United States 4031 posts
Mar 2nd '13

He's just testing you. You are doing the right thing by sticking with the time outs and punishments. THAT is where a lot of parents go wrong. They give in the child realizes that so they will keep pushing buttons to get out of the punishment faster. Honestly if it were me, i'd stick back in time out tomorrow morning for about 15 mins and talk with him about how wrong it is for him to do what he was doing. Since he went to sleep and you didn't really get the chance to have the moment with him. Or he didn't have a chance to let what you said sink in.

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Mar 3rd '13

I dont really have any advice except that I've heard time outs aren't supposed to be used at bed time as they then do something naughty as they know they get to come out of bed even if it's just time out!