Constant back! The Dark Cak Due July 30 (girl); Carrollton, Georgia 60 posts
Mar 2nd '13

I'm 18 weeks pregnant currently but it actually started around 17 weeks, it was kind of just a dull back pain like a period cramp and it would come and go but there was one day it was so sharp it caused me to fall down at work. Later I looked it up and its the sciatic nerve and I went to my doctor last Monday about it and all he could say was there's nothing really just put a heating pad on it and take tylenol...I did the second option but then I made my way to a maternity store and got one of those belly braces to try and lift this baby up. It helps to alleviate my problems while standing and walking for a short period but eventually I get that dull pain while wearing it.
During sleep I lay on my left side and my pain even now as I'm typing is still dull but there enough to make a difference on if I got to sleep in or not. I can't lay any other way otherwise the pain is more severe. Does anyone have any idea on how to help in any sort of way?