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Mar 2nd '13

I'm getting really excited to see my baby girl now that I know there is an end in the very near future. However I hope my blood pressure stays under control. Its been fluxuating so much, but the OB said my protien is staying under the range for having to be induced sooner so they scheduled my induction at 39weeks 1 day. The 39weeks is basicly, because I have GD and the hospital I go to doesn't believe it is safe for a woman with GD to go to 40 weeks, that the baby can gain enough weight on that one week to put them over 9lbs, and then they recommend a c-section. My little girl was estimated at 6lbs 11oz last week, however the OB doesn't believe she will gain more then a lb or so in the 2 weeks I have left. I'm praying that everything goes well so that no c-section is needed. I can't do spinal block, or epi so I always seem to worry that they will need to do one, I'll do whats safest for LO and myself, but hopefully I can do it my own again with hubby and my mom there as support. :) If not then hubby won't get to see the delivery of his 3rd daughter. He says he can live without seeing her delivery if it means keeping us safe, but I would still feel bad that he couldn't.

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Mar 2nd '13

Good Luck to you!

Pretty dumb about the 9lbs is too heavy.. My first was 9lbs7oz and my second was 10lbs7oz, both delivered naturally. I would refuse the section unless it came down to medically necessary if LO was in distress.

March 2013 Due November 3; 3 kids; Illinois 990 posts
Mar 2nd '13

I suppose I could, but if LO got stuck like I said no medication for me to help me relax to get her out. Its common for women with GD with bigger babies for them to get stuck, and that worries me. I have delivered a 6lbs14oz baby, and a 7lb 8oz baby, so being around 8lbs maybe a bit harder, but hopefully I can do it. Il try til we see her indistress, but if my blood pressure goes up to strock level they will do a c-section anyways, so im on a very fine line.

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Mar 2nd '13

just wait it out another week? lol