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Mar 1st '13
Quoting MunchkinWrangler:" Regardless, you need to be seen right away to make sure that it's not leaking to the point that you ... [snip!] ... your baby's life as well as your own. If you are soaking your panties, that's not a good sign. Is that what happened last time?"

No, last time I went into preterm labor and I never noticed having wet underwear but then again I could have just pushed it off as just discharge. I didnt really ever think of the possibility of amniotic fluid before.

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Mar 1st '13
Quoting C'est La Vie♡:" Well, they didn't give antibiotics but did put me on bed rest and was doing ultrasounds every week to monitor the fluid."

That's very abnormal and dangerous too IMO

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Mar 1st '13

OP- Bottom line is that everyone is suggesting you get yourself seen right away. Waiting is unsafe. You can obviously make your own decisions though. If you choose not to listen to the warning that is being given, so be it. I really, really hope you choose to get treatment right away, though. Just in case. Your lives aren't something to toy with.