how did you announce Shelby Chappell Due November 29 (girl); 1 child; Alberta 1575 posts
Mar 1st '13

How did you announce your pregnancies? Did you guys come up with really cute ways or did you just tell people?
With my parents, they lived in another province so I put them on speaker phone and told my mom to get my dad. Once he got on the line I said hi grandpa. My mom didn't clue in for a little bit. She was like what? huh this is dad. So my dad had to clarify to her that we are calling him grandpa because I was pregnant. Then she got happy. With my MIL we stopped by her house and told her we were just at the book store and handed her the what to expect when you're expecting book. She was jumping up and down in her chair clapping her hands.

What are your stories if you have them :)

Jenna1234 1 child; Iowa 588 posts
Mar 1st '13

I told people on Halloween. I said I may as well be a mummy for Halloween... A lot of people didnt get it but the few that did thought it was a funny way of announcing it. I didnt get to tell my mother because she was in the ER with me when I found out.

BastiansMommy 1 child; Lacey, WA, United States 2433 posts
Mar 1st '13

Mine isn't a cute's kinda just funny. I called my mom because my SO didn't have a phone and I was at my sister's house...she told me he was with my dad at the dump so I told her "okay...umm...bye" hung up on her, called my dad said "dad...I need to talk to SO NOW!" He gave the phone to him...he said f*ck...called my mom back to explain...and she answered saying "how many tests did you take?" lmao She told my dad when the boys got was