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Mar 1st '13

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Mar 1st '13

Anything with avocado in it! I seriously don't care what else is in it. I always ask which has the most avocado. A few times I've found avocado rolls. Which doesn't actually seem like sushi to me, but is still awesome when I'm in the mood or pregnant.

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Mar 1st '13
Quoting Vivian [♥]:" I can get rolls for like $4-6. Like crunchy shrimp or spicy tuna. But to get like a bigger roll or fancier ... [snip!] ... $45 for 4 rolls and being hungry an hour later :x But our grocery store here has really good sushi that is a little cheaper."

oh no, I barely spend $45 when i go to steak houses. im a cheapskate. usually Im good on two 8 pieces. No one else I know will touch sushi lol