8 months and growing too fast! Serial Mom ✄ Due July 2 (boy); 2 kids; Michigan 2853 posts
Feb 28th '13

My baby is 8, ALMOST 9, months old! It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I just wish I could freeze time for a few months. It's going by too fast.
Lottie is such a happy baby and really funny. She doesn't crawl yet. Just rolls and rolls and rolls everywhere.
I read somewhere that babies are cutest in their 8th month and I'm kinda believing it! She's really damn cute this month if I do say so myself.

I'm going to share a few pics with you all.
Then you show me a pic of your 8 month old (or from when your child WAS 8 months old)

My Lottie bear's 8th month
Pic overload over.

Let me see yours!

.:Mini.Me:. 1 child; Arizona 406 posts
Feb 28th '13

She's sooo adorable!!!! aaahhh

Serial Mom ✄ Due July 2 (boy); 2 kids; Michigan 2853 posts
Feb 28th '13
Quoting .:Mini.Me:.:" She's sooo adorable!!!! aaahhh"

Thank ya! I want it all to slow down though!

What if... 2 kids; Ontario 4587 posts
Mar 1st '13

holy moly mother of canoli she is CUTE!!! I'm in love with her little skinny jean/sweater/bootie outfit :)

lilsoph 2 kids; 1 angel baby; somewhere, MI, United States 4537 posts
Mar 1st '13

oh my gosh what a CUTE baby!!

miss mandiie 1 child; Windsor, Ontario 1822 posts
Mar 1st '13

third picture is toooo cute !!
heres my cutie at 8 months :)