kaykayz Due March 12 (girl); 2 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 53 posts
Feb 28th '13

Walk a lot, ive tried castor oil with second blahhhhhh dont do it, she'll have the shits forever, n baby CAN get sick, mine thankfully did NOT get sick. The reason for the capitals lol is b.c ppl say ur baby WILL get sick when they dont know, my child did not, but dont take ne chances, its not worth it, also take a really warm bath, not hot , warm. With my last I ate subway with banana n jalepeno peppers had severe contractions n had my baby 6hrs later.

j.Rileys mommy 1 child; Rhode Island 1055 posts
Feb 28th '13
Quoting Squeaky McGee [18 wks]:" It's castor oil, and NO to castor oil. It shouldn't be done without the recommendation and supervision of a physician. Walking and sex are her best bets, but nothing will work if her body isn't ready."

This, and do some like squats. The nurses gave me a sheet of exercise to move baby down so I could dilate more.