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Feb 28th '13

Hello, just wanted everyone input!! I am I believe 6-7 dpo and
I feel different then my normal self so here's my cycle log this time
Got af I believe on feb 4-5. Stopped af about 7-8 days later.

I ovulated on 18-19 of February
1dpo I had life cramping on both sides of ovaries, creamy cm
2dpo cramping again, backaches, and constipation, more creamy cm(more then my normal cm I get after af)
3dpo same again
4dpo everything but the constipation went away, very irritable..and creamy cm
5dpo slight clear cm, constipation, sore bbs and irritable!
6dpo(today2/25) no back pains, cramping (not af cramping more twinges and sharper cramping), no cm at all, sore bbs, really bad headache, and no more constipation.
7 dpo, cramping sore bbs discharge (clear)
8dpo same
im now on 9 dpo and i dont feel anything, except constipation, and discharge
anyone opinions?
6 days untill im suppose to get my period, suppose to get it on the 6th day, by now im usually getting pain in my right leg, slight cramping, moodiness or something.. and im not

Granite those days could be off by a day depending on if I ovulated on the 18 or 19. If there off then today would be 7dpo not 6. Took a hcg test this morning it was a bfn.. I test anyways even though I know it's not goin to come up, I guess it's just me being hopefull anyways would love everyone's opinion!!!

Baby dust to anyone who's Ttc, and hope to everyone who's TtA!!
Thanks for your opinions ahead of time ))


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Feb 28th '13

I'm not ttc but I'm not trying to prevent either. We are planning on it soon. This month I ovulated around the 17th according to my chart. I've had cramping and a consistent lower back ache since 6 dpo. I'm kind of hoping to be pregnant. I don't remember any clear signs with dd. We were preventing when she surprised us. Lots of baby dust to you! I hope you get a bfp soon! If af doesn't show by the 7th I'll be testing!

Natassja Pizzini USA 41 posts
Mar 13th '13

Did u get af?